Can you give me any advice re setting up payments to a Jersey Company? Which (if any) payments partners work on Island?

Rachel Amos

Rachel Amos
29 Oct 2021

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  • 02 Nov 2021
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    CityPay (https://citypay.com/) are a local Payment Provider who provide integration via a merchant account. PayPal and BrainTree both work with Jersey Companies and I believe GoCardless still do. Unfortunately Stripe do not!

    PayPal is relatively easy to onboard but not the best from a technical perspective or in terms of integration flexibility, BrainTree is a good solution but onboarding can (anecdotally) take a while - just as it can with CityPay, depending on the risk factors involved in the business.

    GoCardless works via Direct Debit mandates and is excellent for invoice or subscription based payments over a repeating term or where a lower fee is appealing (e.g. for smaller value items).