Is it important to pick key digital marking channels? If so, how do I?

Curious Entrepreneur

Curious Entrepreneur
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17 Oct 2021

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  • 18 Oct 2021
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    Yes it is and IMHO its actually pretty difficult. As the other answer said, you have to create proper content, you can't just be a recycler.

    I think its also hard when the channel that your industry uses is not one you particularly like. That is the case for me:

    • Legal uses LinkedIn mostly but I find it quite hard work and too self-congratulatory.
    • Legal uses Twitter which I love but find it hard to separate my work and personal "personas"
    • For the charity work I do with Special Educational Needs its all about Instagram
    • Mostly Facebook is now a treacherous & toxic place and tricky for your brand so tread carefully.......


    For the Senate we can't afford that so I write very thoughtful posts not often and usually use my own channel (our website which is a channel in its own right) to post on LinkedIn. I am very conscious of my personal brand on each platform and try to be consistent and authentic.

    Its also worth paying for LinkedIn training - we have done that in the past, but all the platforms (even the Senate!) continuously evolve so its good to have product experts...

    Get help

    For the charity we use SM people whom we pay to post across all the channels. If you can afford this I would recommend it, its really hard sometimes to not take the SM world personally and it relentless 24/7. 

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    Rachel Amos

    Rachel Amos

  • 17 Oct 2021
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    It's just too much to try to manage all digital channels, so clearly there's a need to prioritise. For my sector, professional services, LinkedIn is by far the most important channel. But it requires work, because you need to deliver actual content - simply sharing or commenting on other people's posts isn't enough.


    Dave Birch
    15Mb Ltd.