Can I raise money by crowdfunding on Jersey?

Curious Entrepreneur

Curious Entrepreneur
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16 Oct 2021

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  • 21 Oct 2021
  • Yes


    As usual the answer is "it's complicated".

    Although Digital Jersey has launched Springboard, the reality is that crowdfunding is *not* allowed locally under JFSC rules, so the platform offers two paths to funding:

    1. More like Kickstarter where say a microbrewer can pre-sell beer to supporters to get cash-flow to fund the product. This is the closest you can get to crowdfunding in Jersey

    2. The more traditional approach where you post a prospectus or some information on the Springboard platform and then prospective investors deal with you as the startup direct i.e. off-platform. Economically only makes sense if the investments are then reasonably significant (e.g. £5k minimum) or you're going to find yourself drowning in paperwork as these deals are done between you as the startup and the investor directly, not like Crowdcube where they intermediate so that you see only one transaction actually occur.

    Jersey stuck in the 1960s as usual


    Russell Newton
    GABI Ventures

  • 18 Oct 2021
  • Yes


    Yes you can - Digital Jersey has launched a crowdfunding platform called Springboard (summer 2021) and you can find it here.

    Rachel Amos

    Rachel Amos