What is marketing and do I really have to do it?

Curious Entrepreneur

Curious Entrepreneur
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23 Sep 2021

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  • 11 Jul 2024
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    Yes, both marketing and PR.

    They are distinct skill-sets and activities, although there is often some overlap.

    You need to build campaigns that reflect what you are trying to sell (product and service) and factor in time.

    You need to identify your target audience and with all activity you should build in measurement so that you can identify what works best.

    William Church

    William Church
    William Church Consulting

  • 01 Oct 2021
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    One of the most useful brand guides I've stumbled across is this one, which I think will give you some insights into how to define and establish a brand for the product or service you want to market.


    Branding and marketing kind of go together and both come before sales - figure out how you want to position your product/service, what sort of values it has associated with it (as per the brand archetypes) and who your target audiences are.

    Once you know what you're marketing and who you're marketing to, you can figure out the best ways to reach that audience.

    I really like The Portfolio Collective for some of this stuff - although they really focus on helping people build "portfolio careers" to a large extent that's about answering the same sort of questions - and some of the training resources are really useful. I've done their Catapult course and found it worthwhile


    Create lots of content for LinkedIn / Twitter / Insta (depending on your target market) so people know about you, your product and your company.


    Russell Newton
    GABI Ventures